Christine Lee- Aerialist and Performer
Christine Lee is an aerial artist and trapeze performer that can fill a room with life, energy and excitement. She specializes in Aerial Moon, Contortion/Acro Cube, Single Point Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Flying Trapeze, Tissue and Various Aerial Apparatuses.  Christine has taught/performed at various circus schools and venues across the country over the past twelve years.  She currently teaches at the Circus Center, San Francisco Pole and Dance, and Aerial Artique in San Francisco and performs at various events and shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Christine is also a member of The Dahlias, an ensemble of aerialists, contortionists and dancers- you can learn more here:

If you are interested in taking her classes, her updated 2018 schedule is below (available on Classpass as well!):

Monday night 6-7:15 Beginning Lyra at SF Pole & Dance  
Monday night 8-9:15 Flexibility at Aerial Artique

Tues night 6-7:15 Handstands at SF Pole and Dance
Tues night 7:15-8:30 Stretching at SF Pole and Dance  

Sunday 10-11:30 Flying trapeze all levels at Circus Center
Sunday 11:30-1 Flying trapeze all levels at Circus Center
Sunday 1:30-3 Flexibility for Everybody at Circus Center
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