Christine Lee- Aerialist and Performer

DUALISE - Kendell and Clee

DUALISE - Kendell Lee Evans and Christine Lee Aerial Duet

Kendell and Christine met at Club Med Turks and Caicos and have been training dance, trapeze and aerial for over 10 years now. They have come together to combine their skills and choreography to create a beautiful double Lyra act. For booking this act, please submit your interest form on the "Contact Me" page.

Double Hoop - Hubba Hubba Holiday Show Carol of the Bells 12.13.13


Double Single Point Trapeze- Hubba Hubba Camp Show 8.8.13

Double Hoop - Fire Burning on the Dance Floor 6.14.14

Double Single Point Trapeze - Lady Gaga Vs Journey 5.31.14

Double Hoop - Hubbie Music Awards Ke$ha "Take it Off" 5.10.14

Double Hoop - Hubba Hubba Valentines Show 20s Theme 2.14.14

Double Hoop Performance - Tango Objection at Four Seasons Hotel 1.12.14

Double Hoop Performance - Hubba Hubba Revue performance at DNA Lounge 11.16.13

Double Hoop Performance -  Give Families a Flying Chance at the Circus Center

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Koz and Clee - Aaron Kozloff and Christine Lee Duo Straps

Aaron and Christine have been doing a combination of aerial, acrobatics, and partner work - and have come together for aerial straps. They started with a comedy country act and continue to build more performance acts. For booking Koz and Clee, please submit your interest form on the "Contact Me" page.

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